1 min readMar 24, 2021

Life rhymes with Death

A map of stars

And the travel of countless steps

Photo by Hamish Weir on Unsplash

Stars must be there for a reason
They’ve guided us to many strange lands
Earth may change every season
Yet one can always count on starry hands.

To lead the way, to shine a path
Fate named stars messengers of her will
Threw them into the sky’s bath
And ordered them to shine and stay still.

Still, just like points on a map
Bright as lighthouses in the celestial sea
Surround creation like a wrap
And as such endless surprises guarantee.

To these stars I wish to travel
So I’ll build a ladder of countless steps
Mystery patiently I’ll unravel
Amongst stars rest and pay my respects.

Welcome my efforts, shiny guides
My travel bless and keep lighting the way
I’ll welcome all that Fate decides
Yet aim to reach and in your wonder stay.

Embrace the wonder of the stars.
Discover yourself and the mystery of Fate.
Follow their map and embark on a travel of countless steps.
Endless surprises guaranteed.

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