To the people claiming to want a better world

2 min readMar 16, 2022

Aiming for courageous creation, holistic healing and unconditional love .

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

If we really want a better world, we need to be more honest with ourselves.
We need some creative chaos to take away this destructive sense of order.

We need to look into the mirror, and through personal reflection search deep inside. We need to reclaim our nature and tear apart our socially constructed image. We need to become aware of our masks, exit our comfort zones and face our hypocrisy. Yes, we’ve all been hypocrites, that is probably alright but not an excuse for further inaction.

We need to start the healing process, we deserve to heal from the trauma and damage inflicted upon us by this deeply alienating and unjust world. We need to create new relationships with our friends, family and society.

Right now I’m writing without even thinking, not with intention but out of creative frustration. I’m writing to the people that really want a better world. Not just for themselves and their families, but for everyone.

Certainly not in the image of a better world they conjured in their heads, and would love to have imposed upon the world as omniscient benefactors.

If humanity remains divided, as we face more and more potential catastrophic…




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